USB-C Cable

  • Dec/2014, Start with USB-C Cable plan 
  • Feb/2015, 2.0 USB-C cable come out, devoted to E-Marked research
  • Apr/2015, followed by the appearance of 3.1 USB-C cable
  • Jun/2015, USB-C cable make a figure


 USB-C Adapter

  • Mar/2015 with the stability of USB-C cable, brought out USB-C Adapter
  • May/2015 USB-C adapter successfully developed with USB mode/DP Altmode
  • Jun/2015 USB-C adapter marching towards the market


USB-C to Multi-Function Dock 

  • Available in Augest
  • USB3.1 Gen1 Adapter Series
  • Multi-ports for USB -C c onversion, powerful for USB-C PC/Mobile
  • Connect to Charging, Data, Monitor or even Ethernet