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Categorey: Smart Health Tracker

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The Intelligent Health tracker can display the time, step calories and  the track you have passed via touching

the screen button. If you want more details about your activity and sleep, check the APP on mobile phones and

tablet devices. The App records all the movements and sleep details from the Intelligent Health tracker to make a

concrete analysis and provide unique suggesion. The tracing system and powerful background data analysis of the

product can help you learn more about your activity and slee status. It can customize unique target for you.





Track daily activity including steps, distance, calories burned

Track sleep quality including sleep hours, time to fall asleep, wake up times

Smart alarm and nap alarm to wake you up at the certain time

Idle reminder to push you move when you have been sedentary for too long

Data depth analysis and customize unique target

Free downloadable official app to work together

Humanized design, comfortable to wear

Simple Sync via Bluetooth

Up to five days of battery life

Waveform factor on day and night




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