5w Wireless Charging Pad

Product model: WPC02

Categorey: Wireless Charging

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This is ahigh performance5w Wireless Charging Pad,which allows you to charge your phone without plugging

the cable, just need to put the phone on the charging Pad.Suitable for all the Qi wireless charging capable phone,

such as S4, S3(9300/9308), NOTE2(7100/7102), NOKIA Lumia 920/820/720, Nexus4, HTC 8X, IPHONE5/4S/4,etc. 




Qi wireless charging Standard compatible.

Rounded design suitable for various mobile phones with different shape.

Can charge for two phones at the same time, only one of them can use the wireless way.

Thanks to the antiskid design of surface and bottom, the charging pad compatible well with the phone with different surface material.

Intelligent inductive charging.

Can be directly connected to the desktop or laptop and mobile phone adapter to get power supply.

Bevel design, can instead of the phone stand holder, support charging while playing the phone.





Hello, We are a OEM company in the U.K. and our main focus is on power supply. Please can you advise me on this WPC02 MOQ and price. Thanks!


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