Multifunctional Home Theatre Switcher

Product model: C301

Categorey: HDMI Switcher

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This product is a unique device that allows older analog devices to be integrated seamlessly into the 

modern home theater. It encodes several different kinds of the video signals (HDMI +DVI+ YPbPr ) onto 

the HDMI signals for the full HDMI video and audio effect. The inputs of the product are equipped with 

many popular audio format inputs(Composite Audio + SPDIF). With the IR remote, you can easily switching 

between different kinds of video formats and audio formats to the most up-to-date HDMI format. The most 

convenience is here. The full digital video and audio experience are here.



Both digital and analog inputs are format converted and pixel adjusted through the Multifunctional Home 

Theatre Switcher. It outputs the most updated high definition video formats and resolutions that will ensure the highest picture quality.

Integrated DVI/HDCP/HDMI compliant receiver.

The Proprietary Advanced Color Engine technology gives: Brilliant and fresh color, Intensified contrast and details, 

Vivid skin tone, Sharp edge, Accurate and independent color control

Support highest video resolution 1080p.

Support 165MHz/1.65Gbps per channel(4.95Gbps all channel) bandwidth.

Support 8bit per channel (24bit all channel) deep color.

Support uncompressed audio such as LPCM for HDMI input

Support compressed audio such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital(including DTS-HD and Dolby  True HD)for HDMI input

Support R/L audio and SPDIF audio for DVI and YPbPr input. 



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