AV to HDMI Converter(Mini)

Product model: HCC0101S

Categorey: HDMI Converter

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This AV to HDMI converter is designed to make your AV equipment more comfortable, more productive and less expensive. 

It is a unique device that converts an analog AV signal to an HDMI signal andallows users to enjoy their larger and 

high-definition image on TV.It improves the interlaced video signal into 720P/1080P progressive signal.


Video signal can be up to HDTV 1080p.

Automatically check (AUDIO delay).

Ensure the synchronization of AUDIO and VIDEO.

HDMI output: 720p/1080P@50Hz , 720p/1080P@60Hz.

Combine HDMI with Audio.

Video output system: NTSC 3.58 / PAL (automatic).

Compatible with DVI by using HDMI-DVI adapter.






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