USB Extender by USB cable

Product model: USBEX02

Categorey: AV/USB Extender

Products Specs:
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This device is an extension cable between USB device and host (computer) with embedded into connector “intelligent” 

integrated circuits on both sides of the cable. The USB cable with the chip inside is not a passive extension cable. It is 

an active device. The USB signals going in and out of this extension cable in both directions are buffered to assure signal 

quality. Unlike passive USB cables the IC prevents signal degradation. The embedded “intelligent” integrated circuit cleans, 

amplifies USB signal and watches USB 2.0 protocol. Its Control State Machine enables and disables USB and Cable transmitters 

inside the chip depending on USB signals.



Compliant with USB 2.0 specification

Provide support for any high-speed (480 Mb/s) or low-speed (1.5 Mb/s) USB   device

Some low power low-speed USB devices can work with cable up 5 meters

Embedded USB 2.0 Transceivers prevents signal loss

Downstream connector: Female, Type “A”, USB Approved Connector;

Upstream connector: Male, Type “A”, USB Approved Connect.










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