4x4 Crosspoint matrix for HDMIwith APP

Product model: HSS0404BT

Categorey: HDMI Matrix

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This is an HDMI 4×4 matrix with resolutions up to 1080p. It allows route any four high definition 

sources to any of four HD displays, independently. With your cell phone that specified APP is installed, 

you can clearly see the device states of the matrix system, and easily control the connections of source 

device and sink device via the friendly user interface. In other ways, you can also control the system by 

using front panel buttons or by using included IR remoter, even by using Hyper Terminal through RS232 

interface. Besides, the memory function makes it possible to return the last state after restarting or 

reconnecting. It offers solutions for digital entertainment center, home offices, trade show displays, 

projector factory, noisy space and security concerns, conference room presentation, school and 

corporate training environments.



Support max resolution: 1080p.

Support 3D formats.

Support wide range of data rates: 6.75Gbps.

Support Multiple Deep Color: 8bit, 10bit, 12bit.

Support uncompressed audio: LPCM.

Support compressed audio: DTS Digital, Dolby Digital.

Compatible with HDMI 1.3 and supports HDCP encryption.

Advanced EDID management for rapid integration of sources and displays.

Support clock and data recovery function.

Lip Sync Pass-through.







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