5V/2.4A Travel Charger

Product model: W05240DU

Categorey: Travel Charger

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This product is a high-performance and small-sized travel charger with steady 5V/2.4A output. Plug the product into 

AC socket, then you can charge your device (MP3, mobile phones, etc) via the USB port. It is helpful in long time 

journey and convenient for business!



Built-in PMIC of high quality imported from USA allows the 100V-240V of input voltage.

It can be used under ambient temperature of 40 °C owing to PCB board with heat dissipation treatment.

This product passes the aging and power automation equipment test and enjoys stable performance.

Accurate limited current output, overload protection and auto restart after troubleshooting make the product safer, and you are at ease to use.

It is compliant with IEC, EN60950, and UL60950 standards.

It boasts energy saving and environmental protection.

It enjoys strong anti- interference ability.

This product shell is made of fireproof material.

It possesses output over-current protection.

It is light, smart and convenient to use, and with collapsible socket feet.


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