AC Plug Power Bank 5200mAh

Product model: PST-17UPB-2

Categorey: Power Bank

Products Specs:
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With fashionable design, high capacity, fast charging ability, this product keeps your digital devices running on all the time. 

It is particularly designed for your business trips, meetings, camping expeditions, or tours etc. A retractable wall plug for 

easy charging from any electrical outlet 5200mAh backup battery for extended charging away from the wall and LED 

indicators for display of internal battery level. 

2.0 Features

5200mAh large capacity

Cylindrical lithium-ion battery

Dual USB ports with different outputs:

USB1: 5V/2.4A

USB2: 5V/1A

Optimized charging/discharging efficiency: up to 85% conversion rate for USB

Overcharge and over-discharge protection

Input overvoltage protection and output overvoltage protection

Output current protection and short circuit protection

 A convenient retractable built-in AC plug, space-saving

Changeable plugs of different standards are convenient for worldwide travel

Small and beautiful, portable and convenient to use

Automatic power-off

Intelligent LED battery indicators

Compliant with FCC,CE

Suitable for smart phones, iPod, iPad, Camera etc



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