UV Disinfection Box with Wireless Charger

Product model: WPC10-UV

Categorey: Wireless Charging

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     This product is the combination of UVC-LED disinfection lamp and wireless charging function.This product is applicable to apple, Samsung and other mobile phone disinfection, as well as mobile phone, earphone wireless charging box products and other products based on 5W, 10W wireless charging products.You can connect this product to the charger, and then directly place your wireless charging product in the charging area of this charger to start wireless charging.Put the phone into the box, cover the box, and press the button to start sterilizing external bacteria for the phone.This product is compact and light, easy to carry on long journey!


    Support voltage input: 5V/2A, 9V/2A ,12V/1.5A

    Wireless charging output: 5W/7.5W/10W

    Smart white and amber indicator light indicates the working state of wireless charging, and blue indicator light indicates the timing duration of disinfection

    Meet the standards of QI, CE, FCC, microbial sterilization rate test 10 minutes, sterilization rate test can reach 99.99%

    The wireless charging part has functions of over temperature protection(OTP), input over voltage protection(OVP), input under voltage and foreign body recognition (FOD)

    The disinfection mode part has the automatic suspension mode of the open cover and the automatic continuation of the disinfection work. The two blue lights indicate the time of disinfection, and then it will be automatically closed

    Wireless charging and disinfection work independently of each other, and can be used to charge the phone or sterilize the phone inside the box at the same time

Wireless Charger
Input Type-C:5V2A,9V2A,12V1.5A
Output 5V/1A,9V1.1A
Power 10W (Compatible:7.5W)
Certification QI RED
Size 200x118x38mm