12-in-1 Type-C Dual Displays Docking Stations with DisplayLink

Product model: DL-DOCK02-DC

Categorey: Type-C Adapter

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This is a 12-in-1 Type-C double displays docking station with Dispaylink, offering an integrated solution for video, data, power, Ethernet and audio. It has 4 videos (output 2 videos simultaneously under MST mode) for video transmission, 3 USB data ports (2 USB-A 10G, 1 Type-C 10G)for data transmission, 1 USB-A smart charging port for quick charging, 1 Gigabit Ethernet for super fast Ethernet, 1 audio ports (3.5mm audio) for enjoying music.Besides, this dock is equipped with dual power jack (Type-C PD Charging or 120W DC power supply). It can work on all Type-C , ThunderboltTM3 or USB-A host that supports USB mode.

Type-C Adapter
Input USB-C Female(Connect to Type-C Host) x1
Output HDMIX2,DPX2, USB-C Gen 2 10G x1, USB-A Gen 2 10G X2, 3.5mm Audiox1, RJ45 x1, USB Quick Chargingx1, PD Chargingx1, DC Jackx1