16-in-1 Type-C Triple Displays Docking Station with DP1.2 Alt mode

Product model: UTC-DOCK11-DP1.2

Categorey: Type-C Adapter

  • Type-C Adapter


This is a 16-in-1 Type-C Triple displays docking station with DP1.2 Alt mode , offering an integrated solution for video, data, power, Ethernet and audio. It has 4 videos for video transmission which allows to output 3 videos at the same time under MST, 3 USB-A and 1Type-C for data transmission, 1 USB-A smart charging port for quick charging, 1 Gigabit Ethernet for super fast Ethernet, SD/Micro SD 3.0 card slots, 2 audio ports (3.5mm audio, Toslink) for enjoying music.Besides, this dock is equipped with dual power jack (Type-C PD Charging or 120W DC power supply) with smart power function. It supports all DP Alt mode supported Type-C and ThunderboltTM 3 host. 



  • Designed for DP Alt mode supported Type-C and Thunderbolt3 host (PC, laptop, mobile phones, etc)

  • Support DP1.2 Alt mode

  • Support to output 3 videos (HDMI+VGA+DP or 2 HDMI+VGA) simultaneously under both SST and MST mode , HDMI and DP are alternative (HDMI is prior to DP when 2 ports are connected simultaneously)

  • 3 videos share max 10.8Gbps bandwidth

  • HDMI max 4K/30Hz, DP max 4K/30Hz, VGA max 1920x1200/60Hz

  • Support to output dual videos (max 2X1080p/60Hz) or triple displays(max 1x1080p/60Hz+2x720P/60Hz) simultaneously under MST mode (output different pictures)

  • Support HDCP1.4

  • DisplayPort supports DP++ which enables to connect a passive DP to HDMI port to connect HDMI display.

  • Support Gigabit Ethernet

  • Support USB3.2 Gen1 with max 5Gbps data transfer

  • Support SD3.0 UHS-I with max 104MBps

  • Support smart charging, compliant with QC,Apple,Samsung AFC,Hi Silicon FCP charging protocol

  • Support Digital audio with max 96KHz/24bit sampling rate
  • Support dual power supplies: Type-C PD charging or DC Jack

  • Type-C female supports max 100W PD Charging with fast role swap of PD3.0, support smart power which allows to distribute power power according to actual consumption of the connected devices

  • Max 120W power supply from DC Adapter, support smart power according to actual consumption of the connected devicesthe host can get power ranging from 60w to 100w

  • Smart power: flexibly distribute power to PC and dock in real time according to the consumption of connected devices, so as to take full advantage of provided power from the external power adapter: more power will be dedicated for charging host if the downstream ports of the dock consume few power; once the power consumption of the dock and the connected device increases, the power dedicating for charging host will decrease accordingly.



Type-C Adapter
Input USB-C Female(Connect to Type-C Host) x1
Output HDMIX2,VGA1X,DPX1,USB-C Gen2 5Gx1,USB-A Gen2 5GX3,3.5mm Audiox1,Toslink SPDIFX1,RJ45 x1,MicroSD x1,SD/MMC x1,USB Quick Chargingx1,PD Chargingx1,DC Jackx1